Monday, February 17, 2014

Learning from a beginner!

At my latest workshop, a new student, Ara McLeod tried her hand at eco-printing.  I let her have free rein with the materials and paper, and she came up with some incredible prints.  This is a lesson for all of us who are instructors.  Never say there is only one way to do anything!  Ara was fearless in her application of plant materials in a method completely new to her.  See for yourself her wonderful prints:



  1. Восхитительные отпечатки! Столько оттенков!

  2. Yes, this was her first time and she had great good fortune.

  3. Great work on your blog, James!! I love your big wash pot. Is that copper? I'm looking for one...they are hard to find. Your area offers so much in the way of color...I'm envious. Sorry, to hear you had fun! It is hard staying healthy as we age. Glad you are better though. Take care, Virginia

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I am feeling much better now, but still taking it kind of easy. I've only done 3 workshops instead of 15 or 16 since December.. My big wash pot is cast iron. I only have a 3 qt copper pot, but I love it. I will be posting all of the new prints and methods I have tried since recoveering, hope you stop back again.