Friday, June 29, 2012

Finally, I'm back to the Blog!  Since returning from Europe I have been workshoping and project dyeing along with catching up on personal and family matters that I just haven't had time to sit down and write on my blog.  The past week hasn't helped much with Tropical Storm Debbie dumping nearly 13 inches on my place, seven of them in one 24 hr. period.
This did allow me to save a lot of rainwater for dyeing.  That part is great.  The storm also brought down many branches covered with lichens that I can save and use for dyeing.  Another bonus is the huge spurt of mushroom growth.  I have species I have never seen before, and I will be trying some of them for making dye.
I finally got to try eco printing on one of the beautiful etamine de laine scarves that I purchased.  I will try to post a photo on this new blog format.  This piece was also treated a little differently than my normal scarf projects.  Instead of roll bundling, this one was folded with the materials inside then sandwiched between two ceramic tiles and steamed for 1 hr, left to cool overnight and left to sit for 4 days.  On the fourth day, I opened the bundle to remove the beer bottle caps and other metal pieces to prevent damaging the wool scarf. I was really pleased with what I saw.  I let the scarf remain in that condition for 5 more days, then rinsed.  It did lose a little color, but not much.  I will heat set with an iron then wash.  I hope you like it.