Sunday, November 23, 2014

Workshop part 7!

We don't know what plant material gave this lovely strong yellow,
 but it penetrated 4 pieces of paper

Interesting print from Bottlebrush leaves
picking up the strong yellow color.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Indigo/Cochineal workshop, 
and are anxious to venture into it even further.  We had a lovely day
 and a great group of students!  Join us again, won't you?

Workshop part 6!

Another of Lee's lovely paper prints

Jill  Svoboda's 1st time paper prints

Jill & Mary Ann anxiously await
prints coming from the cook pot. 

Workshop part 5!

Lee removes plant material from paper prints

One of Lee's lovely paper prints.

Mary Ann is a 1st time student, these are her 1st paper prints.

Kath Hay's Euca prints on silk

Workshop part 4!

Lee Gates helping with removing fabric from cochineal Vat

A few Cochineal samples

More indigo samples

Workshop part 3!

Ferrous Vat-dyed pieces were darker than the Fructose Vat-dyed

Cochineal Vat

Silk coming out of cochineal vat

Workshop Part 2!

A few samples of the indigo dyeing and an overdyed piece of Shibor

Marilyn rinses her Ferrous vat dyed piece.

Jill Svoboda rinses her first ever indigo dyed piece.  Look at that smile!

Workshop photos from Nov 16, 2014...!

As promised, here are a few photos from the last workshop.  I'd like to thank Nancy B. Greenland for taking the photos for me so I could stay with the students during the workshop.

Fructose Indigo Vat

Amy removing cotton gauze from indigo vat

Amy rinsing cotton gauze after dyeing

Amy wearing her indigo dyed cotton gauze as scarf