Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Two In Progress!

The creation of small single edition books is a fun way to enjoy my love of Eco Printing, and to learn techniques that bring out the best of color and line from my materials.  Here are four (out of 40) of my latest pages for the new book.  They are all cooked and printed in an aluminum pressure cooker that has the copper bottom from an old pan laying in it.  140 lb watercolor paper, no additional mordants added.  The pages were cooked the first time for 20 minutes under pressure.  Then they were allowed to cool overnight still sandwiched between the ceramic tiles.  The next morning, I opened the stacks and inserted some additional plant materials and metal bits and wires, then closed the stack again and pressure cooked for 20 minutes more and allowed to cool.  Some of the first colors changed a bit as they reacted with the metals, but an interesting red tone began to spread across the pages.  I like the final prints, and they they will make a lovely book.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Help with Translator!

Tatiana, thank you for your comment.  I'm glad you enjoy the prints.  Thank you for telling me about the Translator.  When I set this page up, one was not available.  I have set the Translator to translate, but it will not let me choose a language.  Any ideas how to overcome this?  Do you know if it is possible to select more than one language?