Friday, September 23, 2016

Sunday Workshop at the Museum!

Sorry to be so late posting the photos, but I'm having work done on my eyes and the Dr. said to stay off the computer as much as possible.  I think the results are worth waiting for though.  The template has decided to get playful again this week, so I made separate posts to keep each artist's work together.  I hope you enjoy them.

Here's Marilyn!

Marilyn was just having herself a great time!  When you reach her age, you don't let a lot bother you anymore and just go for what feels right!  Her work always shows this free winging style of hers and is a delight to view!
Front view of a skirt Marilyn made from scraps of fabrics made in the workshops using clay paste resist technique.

Back view

Marilyn's daughter Amber liked her mother's skirt so much, Marilyn made one for her.  Front view

Back view of Amber's skirt

Whimsical mixed media piece of rust printed cotton with rusty wire and a pair of old chicken feet were added to comple the piece.  Titled "Fowl Play"

Marilynn doesn't waste even tiny scraps of her work from the eco print workshop.  This table cloth is made from  many scraps of her eco printed and dyed fabrics.

Multi techniques on a first eco printed, then shibori and cochineal dyed, then hapazome (flower pounding).  Very nice piece!

Another multi-technique piece, but leaving out the cochineal and shibori.

1 yd. of silk noil hand gathered and indigo dyed

clay paste resist of morning glories

up cycled cotton blouse with clay past resist, front

rear of teh cotton blouse

Linda Johnston Steps Up!

Linda Johnston worked with the clay paste resist and created some cute upcycled clothing, then practiced Shibori technique on an old battenberg lace tablecloth.  Nice work, Linda!

Front, cotton hooded jacket with clay paste stencil designs

Back of the jacket with clay paste resist designs

Front, cotton upcycled blouse with clay paste resist stencil designs 

Back of cotton blouse with clay paste resist designs

Battenberg lace table cloth Shibori tied and indigo dyed.  Lovely result!

Maggie Clark Strikes Again!

Maggie Clark had kind of playful time Sunday.  Her pieces were more utilitarian, but they definitely won't meet themselves coming down the street!

Cotton and canvas Tote bag stenciled and hand painted with clay resist paste

The reverse of the bag

Hand painted clay paste resist crows

Lovely up cycled thrift shop blouse

Another upcycled blouse by Maggie

Amy Greif Goes for it with Gusto!

Amy has found a way of playing with very irregular shapes of fabric, and sometimes the results are just simply wonderful.  This playful piece is something a child would love to try.

A long rectangle of cotton fabric diagonally folded and clamped and tied using craft sticks and rubber bands

And tis is the result

Amy next tried diagonal rolling and tying the cotton fabric.  I think the design is quite dynamic!
Diagonally rolled and twisted, then tied

The lovely result
Amy Greif chose to mix and match several Shibori styles in this piece using river rocks tied onto the cotton, twist tying and folding.

Very dramatic shape of the piece all tied up

Beautiful results after untying

Amy choose to tie marbles on the cotton fabric

And this is the result

 Amy Greif got adventurous with several kinds of Shibori this week and some pieces are mix and match of styles.  All results were beautiful.

Did I mention that Amy has the patience of Job?  This piece is created by tying pieces of shattered autommobile safety glass onto a piece of cotton fabric.

This is the reverse side after tying and dying
This is the resulting piece of Shibori