Sunday, June 19, 2016

More of Marilyn's Magic with clay paste resist!

Marilyn Hines created some lovely clay paste resist fabrics in today's workshop.  I expect that we will see more quilts coming from Marilyn with these beauties included.

Amy Grief can't resist using multi resist techniques!

Amy Grief has been a student of mine for several years, and she has developed a slow and steady approach to using resist by stitching, cassava paste or clay paste resist then dyeing cotton fabrics with indigo.  Here are a few of her creations from today's workshop

Triangle folding with several directions of stitch resist.

Accordion fold with stitch resist

angle folding and clamping

Stitch resists by gathering running stitches

Clay paste resists

Clay paste resist

Piece by piece!

One of my students surprised me today at our workshop with a quilt top that she has made from fabric that she dye and/or printed in previous workshops.  Marilyn Hines is in her 80's still hand pieces and sews her quilts and is becoming a real artist with clay paste resist technique.

Marilynn Hines created this lovely Log Cabin Quilt with a Courthouse Steps setting using fabrics that she created in past indigo workshops with me.  The border edging is natural dyed/eco printed fabric and she is going to rust and indigo a piece of fabric for the backing.

Marilyn also has started another quilt top using 10" squares of cotton fabric that she printed and dyed in last month's workshop.  She is really enjoying using the clay paste technique with indigo.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Eco print and Indigo!

In my last workshop, we worked primarily with indigo vats, but a couple of my students still wanted to do some eco printing and see if they could combine the two.  Here are some paper prints by Maggie Clark.  Maggie bundled her paper stack between two ceramic tiles and cooked them for one hour.  After the bundle had cooled, Maggie opened the tiles and removed the entire stack as a bundle.  She took the bundle to the indigo vat and dipped the edges.  I love the results, and hope you will too.

Sticking with it!

I've had a little problem with the template for my blog, and hopefully I have them fixed.  I would like to post a collection of the latest prints by Marilyn Hines, one of my students in her 80's.  Marilyn doesn't think her work is worthy, but I think they are just spectacular!

Marilyn set out to design her own quilt fabrics.  She uses the clay paste resist technique with stencils, brushes, and or stamps.

Marilyn enjoys combining stencil designs to create unique fabrics.

Clay paste resist can be very versatile, and works extremely well on cotton.

This piece combines wood stamps, stencils and woodblock stamps.

Marilyn loves this design because it creates so many patterns when cut into quilt pieces.

Marilyn took great advantage of this white on white cotton print.   Her clay paste resist stencil design were elevated to a new level of design.

Marilynn has a new quilt top underway using many of her hand printed and dyed fabrics.  At present she is creating the pattern "Court House Steps" from 2" strips of her fabric.  I will be sure to post the results when it is completed.