Friday, July 22, 2016

And the beat rolls on!

Such a plethora of work styles by my students this week.  I really don't know how their minds functioned so well in the heat.  It really was oppressive, but still they managed to get caught up in hte creative moment.

Maggie Clark had a great time with the folded squares and triangles that were then machine stitched with curving designs to create this lovely piece of Katano Shibori. 

Maggie was equally skilled in creating this Itajime Shibori combined with rust printing.

This long sash was created by Katano Shibori by Maggie, it will look great with the dress she previously dyed.

Marilyn Hines did another outstanding job on the large piece of clay paste resist.  I'm sure this will turn up in a quilt top.

Roll on, Amy Grief!

In spite of the heat, Amy had a banner day with her clay paste resist work, stitch resist and learning new rust printing work to combine with indigo.
Beautiful clay paste resist work.

A wonderful stitch resist design by Amy.

Another beautiful stitch resist design.

Beautiful clay paste resist so well designed.

Amy loves to sew, and I'm sure this lovely clay paste resist piece will wind up in one of her creations.

Simple changes in stencil uses can change a formal design into a joyful, playful design.

Another of Amy's beautiful clay paste resist pieces.

Diagonal folding then clamping swimming pool tiles created this lovely Shibori design on cotton.

Amy's first ever iron print on cotton then immersed in indigo.  Great job, Amy!

New views from the Workshop!

Last Sunday's workshop at the Pioneer Florida Museum was a splendid example of perseverance through really tough circumstances to reach creative goals!  My students braved temperatures in the high 90's F with a heat index of 105-110F and no breeze.  Yet, there were no complaints.  They were caught up in creativity again, and just kept going.  The blog template still is not cooperating, so I will have to break up the photo sections into groups that the template can handle.  please bear with me.
Maggie Clark did a lovely job on this folded and clamped (Itajime) Shibori tank top.

Maggie really up-styled this thrift shop top with folding and machine stitching (Katano) Shibori. 

Linda Johnston mixed techniques of clay paste resist, folding/clamping and twist/tying to create this wonderful Tee Shirt.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Exhausted dye bath continued:

It seems that the blog template is still continuing to have problems with photo placement.  So, I will just post these entries as separate items just to keep them near each other  Thanks for your patience.

The left photo sows the color of the dye bath after dipping the quilt top.  The color is obviously lighter due to more pigment being taken away.  The photo on thee right shows the dye bath color when the third piece of fabric is over dyed, further exhausting the dye bath.  This is something to rember when you are trying to create various shades of the same color without adding anything.

Something to do when you're exhausted!

Have you ever had too many containers of left over natural dyes that are not quite exhausted?  Marilyn Hines, one of my students who enjoys making her own quilt fabrics and quilts, cannot stand to waste anything.   She has been creating and collecting scraps of fabrics that she has printed and dyed in our workshops then turned them into quilts.  Here is her latest.  These fabrics were either eco printed, rust printed or natural dyed in our workshops at the Pioneer Florida Museum & Village.  Marilyn had a few small containers of left over Cochineal dye and decided to use them up.  The first photo shows the latest quilt top she has made.  These are 6" finished squares.

Marilyn Hines lovely cochineal over dyed quilt top using fabrics that she created in the workshops.