Friday, July 22, 2016

And the beat rolls on!

Such a plethora of work styles by my students this week.  I really don't know how their minds functioned so well in the heat.  It really was oppressive, but still they managed to get caught up in hte creative moment.

Maggie Clark had a great time with the folded squares and triangles that were then machine stitched with curving designs to create this lovely piece of Katano Shibori. 

Maggie was equally skilled in creating this Itajime Shibori combined with rust printing.

This long sash was created by Katano Shibori by Maggie, it will look great with the dress she previously dyed.

Marilyn Hines did another outstanding job on the large piece of clay paste resist.  I'm sure this will turn up in a quilt top.

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