Thursday, November 17, 2016

Clay Paste Resist and Crackle Shibori!

Amy Grief did some really nice prints in Sunday's class using a couple of techniques on cotton.  First, she created a horse print fabric using stencil and clay paste then dyeing in indigo.  Next she created what I can only call crackle resist Shibori (for want of a better name right now) on cotton cloth that was crumpled into a ball, tied with string and then dyed in indigo.  No two pieces are alike, and some of the patterns are really remarkable!

These four are all crackled Shibori created by Amy Grief by 

Crumpling cotton fabric and tying it

before dyeing in indigo.

Great job, Amy!

Of course, because I listed this first, blogger decided to show off and put it at the bottom.  Amy used Clay paste resist and stencil to create this horse fabric for an acquaintance in Kentucky.

Maggie Clark combines Eco Printing, Clay Paste Resist and Indigo on cloth and paper!

Maggie had a lot of fun Sunday using various techniques.  She created some new clothing items as well as some new paper prints.  One silk scarf was created using a couple of techniques while in the same bundle:

Front view of the white cotton Tee that Maggie printed using leaves and some iron and a copper bar.  Nice print, Maggie!

Rear view of the same White cotton Tee

This white knit blouse was stenciled with clay paste resist then indigo dyed.  I like the combination of designs!

This silk habotai scarf was bundled between 90# card stock pages with leaves and some iron wire, then edge dipped in indigo.

This silk habotai scarf was bundled around a pipe with leaves then edge dyed in indigo after cooking

90# card stock prints bundled inside the silk scarf with leaves and edge dyed in indigo after cooking.

Beautiful grid pattern created by the back of the clay tile used to bundle the card stock, leaves and iron wire, thn edge dipped indigo.

More prints from the leaf, iron and indigo bundle

The last 2 of Maggie's prints on cardstock using leaves and other plant material as well as iron wires and indigo.

A little paper, a little paste...!

In last Sunday's workshop Kay Tanno, my 90 year old student, decided to try her hand at clay paste resist for the first time, and also to use the last of her fresh plant materials to make some prints for Christmas gifts.  She has such fun discovering new techniques and pattern, and the joy in her results is infectious.

Clay paste resist through stencils on cotton fabric and dyed in indigo 

Kay's fresh plant material prints on 90# card stock

More from the fresh plant material bundle on 90# card stock

These prints are made using fresh plant material with some fine steel wires from truck tires.  Note the size of the wire in the lower left corner and the size of the line print from it in the right hand print.

These prints are from the same bundle of truck tire wires and fresh plant materials.