Thursday, November 17, 2016

A little paper, a little paste...!

In last Sunday's workshop Kay Tanno, my 90 year old student, decided to try her hand at clay paste resist for the first time, and also to use the last of her fresh plant materials to make some prints for Christmas gifts.  She has such fun discovering new techniques and pattern, and the joy in her results is infectious.

Clay paste resist through stencils on cotton fabric and dyed in indigo 

Kay's fresh plant material prints on 90# card stock

More from the fresh plant material bundle on 90# card stock

These prints are made using fresh plant material with some fine steel wires from truck tires.  Note the size of the wire in the lower left corner and the size of the line print from it in the right hand print.

These prints are from the same bundle of truck tire wires and fresh plant materials.


  1. Your 90 year old student has me inspired! Gathering my things and setting up so I can jump in first thing in the morning! Thank you for sharing your blog...🌿🌿🐿susan

  2. Good on you, Susan. Kay shows that you are never too old to learn. She is also a potter.