Monday, June 8, 2015

A change is in the wind!

Good morning!  It is such a lovely day here in my neighborhood that I really didn't want to come inside to make a blog post.  But I have to reach a lot of people in a hurry because of a scheduling change, so here I am.  I am still bubbling over from taking the Adire/Indigo workshop with Angie Knowles at the Life Enrichment Center in Tampa, FL.  A million ideas are running through my head for using the Casava Paste Resist.

First of all, I had better let everyone know that the date for the next Eco Dye Workshop at the Pioneer Florida Museum in Dade City, FL is going to be June 28th instead of June 21st.  We forgot it was Father's Day when the schedule was made up.  So be sure to change the date on your calendars.

Now, for a little treat, I would like to show you some of the beautiful work done in the workshop with Angie Knowles.  If you have never heard of using Casava Paste Resist, you may look up Adire on Google.  By all means look up "images for Adire" on Google and see the stunning designs possible with using Casava Paste as a resist.
Casava Paste Resist through several stencils on cotton, then indigo dyed

More lovely resist patterns after dyeing and rinsing. and removing the resist.

Cecilia Ferrer's stencil & paste work was lovely

Dianne Gardner-Rhoden's large stenciled Adire piece beautifylly done.