Thursday, July 21, 2016

Something to do when you're exhausted!

Have you ever had too many containers of left over natural dyes that are not quite exhausted?  Marilyn Hines, one of my students who enjoys making her own quilt fabrics and quilts, cannot stand to waste anything.   She has been creating and collecting scraps of fabrics that she has printed and dyed in our workshops then turned them into quilts.  Here is her latest.  These fabrics were either eco printed, rust printed or natural dyed in our workshops at the Pioneer Florida Museum & Village.  Marilyn had a few small containers of left over Cochineal dye and decided to use them up.  The first photo shows the latest quilt top she has made.  These are 6" finished squares.

Marilyn Hines lovely cochineal over dyed quilt top using fabrics that she created in the workshops.

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