Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sticking with it!

I've had a little problem with the template for my blog, and hopefully I have them fixed.  I would like to post a collection of the latest prints by Marilyn Hines, one of my students in her 80's.  Marilyn doesn't think her work is worthy, but I think they are just spectacular!

Marilyn set out to design her own quilt fabrics.  She uses the clay paste resist technique with stencils, brushes, and or stamps.

Marilyn enjoys combining stencil designs to create unique fabrics.

Clay paste resist can be very versatile, and works extremely well on cotton.

This piece combines wood stamps, stencils and woodblock stamps.

Marilyn loves this design because it creates so many patterns when cut into quilt pieces.

Marilyn took great advantage of this white on white cotton print.   Her clay paste resist stencil design were elevated to a new level of design.

Marilynn has a new quilt top underway using many of her hand printed and dyed fabrics.  At present she is creating the pattern "Court House Steps" from 2" strips of her fabric.  I will be sure to post the results when it is completed. 

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