Sunday, May 15, 2016

I will try one more time!

Backside of a beautiful Twist a& Tie piece by Linda Johnson.
More twist and Tie designs by Linda Johnson.  The designs also fell just right on this piece.

This is the back side of the Twist and Wrap cotton blouse by either Maggie Clark or Linda Johnson.  Sorry girls, this blog is have a field day again and I can't jump back to the photo file to get the credits straightened out.

This is the front side of a thrift shop cotton blouse with various Twist and Wrap techniques used on it.   It really turned out pretty .

(As you can tell by now the photos are not falling in the correct order, but I will continue to post them just to get them viewed.  I the credits get mixed up, my apologies and I will try to straighten them out later.)

I am going to try one more time to post the rest of the photos from last workshop  I hope FB and Google will cooperate.  I apologize to my students for the delay in getting the rest of their work posted, but it was beyond my control.  I will try posting and captioning one photo at a time to prevent the lockup.

This is a lovely pole wrapped thrift store find and I love the lace and the contrasting Arashi stiping.  Nice job, Linda Johnson.

This lovely cotton dress with kimono sleeves and handkerchief type skirt was Arashi wrapped by Maggie Clark.  Amazingly, the color fell in all the right places.  A beautiful project, Maggie, Congratulations!


  1. Love the blue shades. Inspiring and drives me to try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Terriea. Maggie and Linda will love hearing you liked their work.