Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tag team!

I have found more ways of using my prints, or parts of my prints.  Sometimes I have to trim a print down to fit a required size of frame.  I don't like to waste any part of my work, so I started looking for more ways to utilize these cut offs.  I was in my local craft store, and they were having a sale on printing stamps.  I found a stamp that looked like a tag.  I bought it and brought it home and used pigment ink to stamp some scraps of my prints.  the photos show the results.  I also do book markers from my scraps, and my friends love them.
The card on the left shows the stamp on blank paper.  The four tags are overprinted with the stamp, and it makes a very subtle print over it.


  1. I always like catching your blog posts James. Finding a tag sized stamp aaas quite clever..and the printed tags are looking good, of course..

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    1. Thanks, Ginny. I got the stamp at JoAnn Fabrics, and it came in 2 sizes, large and smal.. Plus, it was on half price sale.!