Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm Back!

Hello!  Long time since I've been able to blog.  My apologies, but first I had the flu,  then caught pneumonia. At my age, it is not easy on the old body.  I have really had to take it easy.  I did get to do a short one day workshop, but it took quite a toll on me and I had to really take it easy for two weeks after. My workshop was taught at the Pioneer Florida Museum in Dade City, Florida, and is an ideal space to hold a class.  The weather outside was in the low 30's in the morning, but we were warm and toasty inside the big barn.  I'm posting some of the prints by   Nancy Greenland and Amy Grief.  They did some outstanding work with great original design.  I hope you enjoy the photos.
I am also including some photos of various books I've made for my eco prints.  This will give you some ideas of what to do with your prints.  Nancy Greenland mounted her prints on black cards that came with Brown envelopes.  They are stunning.  Amy and Nancy explored tearing the paper before cooking to give a faux deckle edge.  It is another useful idea on what to do with your prints.  Some of the mini maze books (2" x 3") are just wonderful.


  1. So impressive prints your students made under your guidance and made it to a book is very pretty. Ever since I found your blog and techniques I almost addicted to natural prints and my little journals are made with your reference. THANK YOU so much for sharing your skills.

  2. Beautiful prints! And great ideas how to use them.
    Take care of yourself!

  3. Thank you, Terriea and Ladka. I am so glad you enjoyed the post. Terriea, you have come so very far in such a short time! Your work is stunning. Both of you feel free to use any of my ideas here, I do not copyright my work, since no 2 prints can be the same, even cooked in the same bath.
    I understand the addiction, Terriea. Even when I'm not actualy cooking prints, I am designing them in my head.. Keep up the good work.

  4. James, there is no doubt about it ... you ARE addicted! Tis a good thing it seems for there sure is a lot of beauty in all these prints. All best wishes for your continuing "affliction" ;>]


  5. Thanks, Christie. Nature just takes you from one thing to another. What a trip!ks,

  6. That is supposed to say "What a trip!" (sometimes too many fingers!)