Monday, July 29, 2013

Leafing Through the Woods!

I am working on a 48 page book of eco prints, and this is the first 24 pages plus 2 end cap prints.  This was cooked in a copper-rich bath that I have used about 5 times.  It only keeps getting better.  This bath gave me some lovely blues and greens as well as the usual browns tans, chartreuse and black/greys.  I can't wait until they dry enough to turn them over and see the reverse images.  I will post them as soon as I am able.


  1. Thank you, Roberta. This is goind to be a fun book to "read".

  2. how do you plan to put your book together? i love making books and journals... i'm fond of the distressed look tho and don't get too perfect attempting.

    jeanne in washington

  3. I am trying to work out a stub binding system, so the prints will lay flat when the book is open. The pages are 140# watercolor paper, and each folio is heavy, but I fear not strong enough to stitch over the long run. I plan to use eco printed fabric or felt to cover the book. I too like the distressed look, but there are 48 pages to this book so I may have to get a little more formal. I don't want to create signatures because I will have to trim too much off the prints.