Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Here We Go Again!

The most unique Shibori of the day.  Amy Greif twisted and tied the folded and tied again before dyeing and achieving this    beautiful result.  Great job, Amy!

A beautiful Itajime Shibori by Amy Greif using ceramic tiles clamped with a couple of twist and ties, fantastic result.

Another of Marilyn's Shibori pieces on pre-used silk

This lovely Itajime Shibori was created by Amy Greif using small ceramic tiles and clamps.  Beautiful results

Marilyn Hines decided to add some red Salvia blossom while folding and clamping a piece of old silk befdore dyeing in Indigo.

I used a previously printed piece of silk habotai with canning jar lids to create this Itajime Shibori

Camelia, Yellow Marigolds, Grape Leaves all joined together to help Lee Gates ;create this lovely print.

This is just an adorable little print of bleed through from Camelias, a few Casuarina needles, and a little coil of iron wire.  by Lee Gates.

This lovely print of Louis Phillipe rose petals and the yellow petals from Yellow Tagetes (Marigolds) is soft and lovely.  Nice work, Lee Gates.

Lee Gates is getting bolder with the Camelias and wild grape leaves!

Lee Gates did a marvelous job with her second shot at Camelia Japonica blue color

Amy Grief did an outstanding job on her Itajime Shibori piece on cotton

Marilyn Hines did a fine job with her first-ever Shibori piece

Another pirnt with the lovely Camelia blossoms by Bonnie

A large Albizia seedbpod was tthe basis for this print

I love the blue from Camelia japonica blossoms in this print

Bonnie Rackliffe-Weisser created some lovely paper prints with assorted fdresh and dried plant materials

Marilyn Hines with a beautiful cochineal on cotton Itajime print.

I love the effect I achieved using a piece of cotton gauze first dyed yellow with willow leaves, then over dyed with indigo

Marilyn Hines used cochineal and yellow Tagetes petals (Marigolds) to dress up the previously unsuccessful prints on cotton

Amy Grief does a great job with canning jar lids clamped Itajime style

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