Sunday, April 27, 2014

Proud of my student's work!

Nancy Greenland is one of my special students.  She too is fearless.  Her imagination starts spinning new webs from the moment she awakens in the morning.Here are some photos of her work from the last workshop at the Pioneer Florida Museum.  She has turned them into mxed media pieces and created things with her prints that can be used in everyday circumstances.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

A lovely eco print on felt with tree trunks added with a 
Sharpie pen after the print dried.

Another eco print on felt, that was wrapped around a tin can during cooking.  
After drying the print was mounted on a scrap of wool felt then a canvas frame was wrapped with black wool felt and the eco printed piece was stitched to it.  Nancy thought the finishing nails looked like an old fence, so she stitched a flock oof birds landing on the posts.  The tree is 3-d.  It is made from a group of the wires from a steel belted radial tire.  This tree was used to print on the next photo piece, then appliqued to this printed background.  Red running stitches in two rows accent the piece and repeat the color of the bird.

Another piece of eco printed felt, wrapped around a tin can with an impression from the tree in the photo above.Like in the photo above, the piece was mounted to a scrap of wool felt then appliqued to a larger piece of felt wrapped around a canvas frame.  Both of these pieces were gifts to me at he last workshop.

This lovely  print of Turkey Oak leaves and Lquidambar leaves with a small scrap of chicken wire on beige card stock was mounted on a black blank card.  A piece of white unlined bond paper was appliqued to the interior for writing on. It has a black envelope and is really elegant.

This is just a lovely piece of eco printing on felt turned into a mixed-media piece with buttons applied to the surface, a tiny stitched bird.  The impression from the metal tree was not strong enough, so Nancy stitched a twisted trunk and branches.  Finishing nails and a couple of pieces of wire printed the fence once again.

This lovely card has an eco print mounted on black card stock, then mounted again on brown card stock.  The card was run through an inj-jet printer and the work "thanks" was printed on the print. Metal washers that had been distressed were glued on the front in a curvy pattern

This lovely print of Oak and other crumbled dried leaves was eco printed on beige card stock.  The print was put through  an inkjet printer where the crow photo was printed.  The print was then mounted on black card stock.  Is is absolutely lovely!

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  1. Beautiful work Nancy, I love the additions of felt, stitch and buttons. Xx