Friday, February 3, 2017

The ever-experimenting Amy Grief!

Amy has branched out with her experiments using clay paste resist.  In the top photo, she has used the resist paste on two canvas covered boards which were dipped in indigo when dry.   The two small square pieces are actually canvas on magnets that were stenciled with resist paste then dyed in indigo.  The bottom two are clay clay paste resist stenciled onto stretched canvas on wood frames.  All accepted indigo differently, and all ended up a soft indigo blue after washing off the clay resist.


Amy's fascination with clay resist paste and stitching has helped her create some lovely fabrics for her quilting and sewing projects! 


  1. just lovely-I haven't been to visit your blog in some time now-you always inspire me-thanks

  2. Glad you came to visit! Come back often.