Monday, September 21, 2015

Birthday gift for sure!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I could think of no  better way than spending it with ;friends and holding a workshop.  Some beautiful gifts were received as well as a birthday cake and a pumpkin bar cake..  Everyone had a very creative time as my photos will show.  I just noticed that for some reason, all of the photos were put on in upside down order.  I don't think it will lessen the enjoyment of the work though.

One of Amy Greif's machine-stitched Shiboris opened up.

Another one of Amy Greif's machine-stitched Shibori opened up.
Amy Greif machined stitched on accordion pleated cotton then dyed in indigo.
Amy Greif's clay resist stencil work.

A melange of clay resit techniques by Linda Johnston
A recycle embroidered card tablecloth Shibori dyed by Linda Johnston
Beautiful prints on paper and post dipped in indigo
Detail of the silk scarf by Linda Johnston pattern left by ceramic tile during cooking.

Candle wax dripped on silk then dyed in indigo by Hope Martin
A lovely silk eco print and indigo scarf by Linda johnston

3 of Kay Stanno's prints on paper
Another group of Maggie Clark's lovely prints on paper
Paper prints by Hope martin

Left, a clay resist pattern by Marilyn Hines  Right, a Cassava Paste resist by Amy Greif


Maggie Clark's lovely prints on paper
Close up detail of pine branches brush with clay resit and printed on paper

Kate Weatherly's first ever indigo clay resist


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