Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nothing boring about Shibori!

We had another great workshop Sunday, and Amy Grief did a couple of outstanding pieces that I want to share with you.  The first piece is indigo on cotton using a nearly exhausted vat.  Instead of dry folding before clamping, Amy decided to see what happened if you wet the fabric before folding.  I like the softened edges, and the way the dye was able to creep into the white areas.  The 2nd photo is also indigo on cotton, but using a new vat.  The piece was folded into a triangle, then accordion pleated in that shape, then two 2-inch ceramic tiles were clamped across the triangle before dyeing.  The clamped bundles were immersed in the indigo vats for 3-4 minutes, then oxidized on the clothesline for 20 minutes before rinsing then unclamping.  The 3rd photo is a close up detail of the 2nd photo.  Great job, Amy



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