Sunday, November 23, 2014

Workshop part 5!

Lee removes plant material from paper prints

One of Lee's lovely paper prints.

Mary Ann is a 1st time student, these are her 1st paper prints.

Kath Hay's Euca prints on silk


  1. I love watching the beautiful eco prints your students made. I've done some eco printing on silk scarves but can't imagine how I could eco print my handmade paper.

  2. Unfortunately we grow no eucalypts in Slovenia so these gorgeous red-oranges are a dream unattainable to me :(

  3. Than you for your comments, Ladka. There are still so many kinds of leaves to print with besides Eucalyptus. I use handmade paper sometimes for my prints. I use 2 ceramic tiles, thoroughly wet my papers and create a stack between the tiles with the paper and plant materials. I bind this stack all together and boil for one hour, let cool and open carefully. If the plant material is not coming off easily, just hold the print under running water and the material will lift or rub right off. A little further back on my blog I show the process of making a stack between the ceramic tiles. I will see if I can locate it and let you know what date to look for.

  4. Ladka, on January 8, 2012, I posted "Eco Prints on Paper" and gave a description of the method. Facebook has removed the photos that accompanied the post, but the post is still there Maybe it will help you.