Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spread the Word!

It is becoming more and more obvious to me that the use of natural plant materials to make dyes, inks and other things is spreading rapidly.  I have given a few speeches locally, and taught a few workshops; and now the request for more are rolling in.  I am of course very happy.  I have become fairly passionate about what I do and I would like the whole World to enjoy it as much as I.
My reasons for getting started in this were quite simple, my reasons for staying with this and pushing it further is more complex.  There is something wonderful about taking simple, natural items and creating something of beauty with them that warms the inner being.  Why shouldn't I use Nature's gifts to do what makes me feel good?  Our World has become so complicated and technical that we have lost our connection with Nature.  We use to take a vacation and dedicate it to visiting one National Park or  Historical place.  Now, we jump on a tour bus and in 3 days we can cover 7 or 8 places and thereby gain knowledge of the World!

Natural dyeing and Eco printing have given me back the feeling of discovery!

I have a childlike wonder again, something I sadly missed.  I admit I have become quite jaded and cynical due to the various careers I have had.  I can pickup a leaf and see its texture, color and shape; but it doesn't stop there.  I also see the subtle little changes in color that indicate there is more inside.  I now look at all of the parts of the leaf, not just the immediately visible surface.  Now I think, "I wonder how this will print on fabric or paper, how can I extract this beautiful color before it has gone?"

At 69 yrs. old it is a wonderful thing to have a renewed interest in Life and find joy in the simple things again.  I makes me want to shout from the rooftops, "The World is at your feet, pick it up, look at it, It's wonderful!"

I am a Virgo.  Sometimes considered to be a real organizer, planner and full steam ahead doer.  Sometimes I am a bit of a perfectionist.  Ha.  Nature can sure change all that!  When you work with natural things, you learn that we are but one pebble in the stream, and just when we thought we had it down pat, Nature shows us there is still a lot to learn.

This blog entry got a little wordy, but I wanted to tell you how much this art form has meant to me and what I have discovered about myself along the way.  I would like each of you to look at what you have discovered about the techniques and how the knowledge has changed the way you view the World.  We are truly an international community, we share that same thrill of discovery, the practicality of what we do, and we leave the World a little better off because we have done it.

Enjoy your dyeing, tell your friends about it, encourage more interest in it and share your knowledge willingly and freely.....Now go!  Back to the dyepots!


  1. I appreciate how you communicated your sense of joy with this work. Being a part of one's materials is a wonderful thing. To create with nature is just awesome!

  2. Thank you, Patricia. I was just sitting in the chair stitching a couple of dyed pieces of silk when I realized just how happy this made me. Nothing I have ever done before has made me feel so fulfilled and alive. I look at the natural world around me with new eyes, new sensitivities. It is truly great to do something that makes you feel absolutely happy to be doing it. n I wish this for everyone.

  3. Couldn't agree more your mission and how enjoyable to spread the art of eco print. You inspired me and I'm learning from you. My friends are gradually know the magic of leaves and we will have more students to get to know the wonder of nature.

  4. Thanks, Terriea. I have been following your work for a year now and it is truly marvelous. Good job. Your students will love your work too.