Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Welcome to my blog spot.  I'm am totally new at this so please bear with me.  I am a new dye person.  My interests are quite varied, but dyeing is the link that joins them all.  I keep a Dye Photos album on Facebook under the name James Dennison.  I hope we can all share ideas and techniques here.  Welcome again.


  1. Hello, David. I am completely new at this so bear with me. I see we share an interest in Photography. I have a Canon Rebel XTi that I use constantly. It is the best camera I've ever owned. I shoot flowers, wildlife and landscape shots of local interest. I do not do portrait photography. I own photoshop elements 8 and Premier elements 8 but am just learning to use them.
    I am twice retired. in 1979 I retired fro the Philadelphia Police Department and in 2009 I retired from the Pasco County Florida Property Appraiser's Office.
    I am widowed 4 yrs. and have two girls and two boys.
    In enjoy music of all kinds (I see both of us like Connie Francis)
    I am in love with James Clavell's novels. cont.

  2. I have watched the movie Shogun 23 times. I spent 2 yrs. in Japan, and I loved it there.
    I am a fiber artist now. I also teach sewing, quilting, felting, embroidery, and dyeing.
    I graduated from Temple University in Philadelpha, PA where I majored in Business Spanish & Translation and also got my background training in design and printmaking.
    At present I am a Trustee for the Pioneer Florida Museum in Dade City, Florida, and I am a docent who enjoys giving tours to school children. They are always amazed at what "oldtimers could do without modern conveniences.

  3. James,
    I see that you have read some of my blogs already. Glad to meet you on the internet!
    Enjoy your blogging!

  4. Welcome to Blogville James!
    I have been blogging at http:/ for almost five years now. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the things you love and create. I use Flickr and Facebook to store my digital photos and have met so many wonderful people through those sites as well as by blogging.
    Good luck and I look forward to sharing your dyeing adventures!

  5. Thanks,Kimmie. Come back and visit often.

  6. Hi James,
    This is a great start. Put a text box in your sidebar with your information or art statement because what you wrote above is connected to this post. You'll want it to be accessible to all your visitors as time goes by.

    You are going to have lots of fun, I can tell.
    I'll follow you! How about following me?

  7. Good thinking, Dip and Stain. Here's anothter follower...

  8. Thanks for the great suggestion, Pat. and thanks to both of you for becoming followers on my blog.

  9. welcome and everything everyelse has saidxxlynda