Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hope returns with Two Shirts......!

A Before photo of our workshop at the Pioneer Florida Museum by Hope Martin to show where we held the workshop and her two shirts in progress

Front view of two shirts done with clay paste resist and Shibori by Hope Martin
Reverse view of the two shirts by Hope Martin

Another great workshop at the Museum!

Sunday's workshop at the Pioneer Florida Museum was just great.  Perfect weather, some very creative students and a good strong indigo vat made for some love project results.  It is really something when everything comes together.  Thank you all.

More fabric for Amy's skirt!

Amy now has quite a collection of clay resist prints for her skirt!

These hickory nut slices are more than they are cracked up to be!

Marilyn Hines did a great job using hickory nut shell slices to print this clay resist paste design on a cotton shirt!  Quite stunning person!

Indigo and ecoprints on paper......nice!

The lovely leaf prints on paper were truly enhanced by a final dip of the bundle into the indigo vat.  Really lovely, Maggie!

A little blue never hurt...!

Maggie Clark did a great job eco printing this silk scarf, but she thought a little indigo would help.  She edge dyed the bundle before opening.  Nice results!

Something to Crow about!

Maggie created a great looking Tee Shirt with her crow patterns  She has inspired me to do my own bird prints on Tees!